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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you accept returns?
No, unfortunately since it is a pattern we do not accept returns. However, if you have any questions feel free to contact me.


What fabric line did you use in Ocean Friends (or other quilts)?
The fabrics in Ocean Friends were available in many U.S. quilt shops in 2016. However, they are not all from the same manufacturer's line.

All of our prototype quilts, which are photographed for the pattern covers, are sewn with fabrics from a wide range of manufacturers.

To try to match fabrics for your own quilt project, view the quilts and blocks on Showcase where there are many closeup photos. Go to SHOWCASE

Quilts for Sale?

Will you make me a quilt?
We do not make quilts on commission. PJD is a designer and pattern publisher.

We are not selling any of our sample quilts at this time.


What fusible web do you recommend?
For raw edge appliqué we highly recommend a non-sticky, paper backed fusible web such as WonderUnder or SoftFuse. PJD patterns include reversed pattern pieces for each design, making tracing the pieces simple and accurate. With either of these products no light box is required. 


Why is a stabilizer needed? Which do you recommend?
Once everything is fused to the background, and you are preparing to machine stitch around the raw edges of each motif, it is important to use a stabilizer on the back of the block. A light to medium weight stabilizer will prevent tunneling and bunching up of the fabric during the stitching process.

There are many brands of good quality stabilizers. Some are sticky and easy to adhere. Some require pinning or basting. Some even come off after stitching with a soak in warm water. Sulky carries a variety of them.

Our favorite stabilizer is Sulky Tear-Easy. With simple pinning before stitching and tearing away the excess after, it's clean and easy to use.

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