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Guild Lectures and Trunk Shows

Pam McHenry of Pamalama Jo Designs provides lectures and trunk shows to quilt guilds. While Pam has been quilting and sewing for decades, she only began designing, publishing and selling patterns in 2016. In lectures, she enjoys sharing both her personal quilting journey and her professional tips as a new business owner and self-publishing designer. Contact us for more information, and/or to book a lecture/trunk show.

Pam's experience and knowledge in the quilting arena include; both hand appliqué and machine appliqué approaches and skills, both hand quilting and machine free-motion-quilting techniques, fast and fun piecing techniques, and much more. She is happy to tailor a lecture and trunk show to the interests and needs of your guild.

Duration of lecture and trunk show is typically one hour. Contact us for more information, including fees and a sample contract to book a lecture.

Lecture/Trunk Show 101 


Title:  Pamalama Jo Designs: My Quilting Story

Key Focus: Quilt creations and pattern business, from inspiration and creation to publication.


I will share my quilting story, beginning more than 20 years ago with a dozen friends who thought “What can be hard about one block a month?!” Highlights and anecdotes from our quilting sisterhood will be shared. A few of my early quits will be shown.

When I retired from teaching and became a grandmother, everything changed. I’ll tell the story of my original animal drawings and the baby quilts I made for my three grandchildren. This is where my patterns and Pamalama Jo Designs began. I’ll share how I moved step by step into the business of creating, publishing and selling original patterns. Challenges and lessons learned, as well as advice for anyone wanting to publish a pattern will be given. All of the quilts and pillows from my patterns will be shown and discussed. In addition, if a workshop will follow the lecture/trunk show, I'll focus more on the content directly related to our workshop project.

Lecture/Trunk Show 102




Title:  Machine Appliqué: Make it Quick, Make it Strong


Key Focus: How raw edge fusibles and machine appliqué have changed up Grandmother's game!




What do you do when you've got to make an adorable baby quilt in a matter of days or weeks? I will share my journey into the sticky world of fusible web and raw edge appliqué, and how I became a big fan. Using a slide show, tips and recommendations for appliqué success will be shared. Trunk show will include Ocean Friends, Forest Friends, Texas Treasures, and more. A Q&A time will be offered as well.


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