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Whirly Weeds Sew-along 2023


One cold day, while walking my dog, Polly Wolly along the San Antonio River, I came upon a plant - a weed, that had sprung up after our winter rains. It was growing in a sunburst arrangement of dark green leaves. I took a picture of it, and walked on. However, I couldn’t get that lovely weed out of my mind. I shared the photo on Instagram, marveling about what a beautiful appliqué design it would make. Others agreed and I began to research weeds and plan what I might do with them.

I searched the internet, looking for what kind of weed I’d found. Soon I learned that there are many “broad-leaf weeds” and other wildflowers that form rosettes when they begin growing. Hunting through agricultural and gardening websites, I looked and looked for MY weed. Even though nothing looked quite like MY weed, I was hooked on the beauty of weed rosettes in general. I began planning Whirly Weeds.

My First Sew-along!


Spring weather comes early in south Texas. We'll begin our celebration of beautiful green new life the first week of March, 2023. For 12 consecutive weeks I will share what I have learned about common weeds which grow in rosettes, and we'll make applique blocks with their designs. Think of it as "a weed a week!" Each week I'll email you the particular weed information and patterns. And YOU get to join in the fun for FREE if you jump in right away!

Details! Details!

Here are more details about the FREE Whirly Weeds Sew-Along:


Those who join Whirly Weeds will be invited to a PRIVATE Facebook group. I will share short how-to posts, photos and videos and more information to this group. We can all post photos, questions and answers, and share our projects. Joining the Facebook group is of course optional. (Only those who have signed up for the sew-along will be allowed in the private group.)


Everyone who joins the sew-along will receive their information packets and patterns through weekly emails.
Each email will include:


  1. The week's featured weed information, including its scientific and common names, a plant description and interesting facts.
  2. Color photos of both the rosette and the mature plant and its flower(s).
  3. Step by step directions on how to make your weed appliqué block. My focus is on using a fusible product to iron down the design and then machine stitch it. Of course you can choose to use another method of appliqué, or even decide to embroider the designs instead. 
  4. 1 to 3 pages of full-size patterns and placement guides for the block. These will come in PDF format, ready to print and use on regular 8.5 x 11 inch paper.
  5. And more! Project ideas and setting and finishing ideas will be shared as we progress. I have some surprises planned as well.

Join me as we celebrate Whirly Weeds and springtime! 

Have you joined the fun? It’s so simple.
Just click the link below, give me your name and email, and you’re IN!

Sign me up for Whirly Weeds!



Please note: 

AFTER April 15, 2023 the first six sew-along patterns will NOT be available free of charge. PJD will set a purchase price for anyone wanting to catch up with the sew-along. Once the sew-along is completed (at the end of May, 2023) the entire set of patterns will be published by Pamalama Jo Designs and be offered for sale. If you have questions or need to reach me about Whirly Weeds and the sew-along, please email me, Pam McHenry, at 


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